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Explore Historical and Biblical Israel
with Adrian Weisberg,
Professional Licensed Tour Guide

Delve into the Ancient World

New Arrivals

A chronological journey though familiar Bible stories and passages, with the historical, geographical, spiritual, religious and political context fully explained, providing additional richness to the Scripture.
For whoever loves it

Softback, 367 pages, 49 chapters.
91/4" x 61/2".
21.2oz, mailed in protective packaging.


What I offer:

Guiding is not a job - it's a passion


Israel is an amazingly diverse country, and whether introducing its past or present, reveals a kaleidoscope of cultures.

I tailor any itinerary to what you seek and wish to see, and weave into that more things you may never have thought of.
A lasting and even moving experience is the ultimate aim, and post-tour correspondence is an automatic service provided with pleasure.

As this site develops, my first books will become available here, together with links to subscribe to a series of in-depth videos on a Biblical timeline shot in authentic sites including aerial footage.


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