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About me

Professional Licensed Tour Guide

I've lived in Israel all my adult life, having grown up in England.
I'm a 'people-person'

I give focused tours in Israel's modern and historic cities and archaeological sites, however, for the past 10 of my 13 years in this profession, I've increasingly taken bookings with study groups who wished to delve deep into Scripture through learning the context: 

Understanding the climate, norms, routes, characteristics, education, general culture and mindset of the different Biblical periods, through exploring the landscapes, topography and ancient remains of the Land, whilst drawing on multiple ancient sources.
I offer an authentic tour. It won't be steeped in urban legends or the 'traditions' established centuries after the events.
Real sites, real connections, realistic explanations, regional historical, spiritual and political context to help you get so much more out of your Bible. Truth, not the all-too-familiar 'tour guide stories'.

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